HD-PHOTO-7-ROT-248x300The TESLABRUSH™ is a special electrostatic device, which stimulates the nerves via the skin. It generates short electrostatic impulses that closely resemble the physiological bio-currents of the human body. Unlike the electrical impulses generated by conventional TENS devices, these impulses cause minimal disturbance of normal cellular functioning while still activating an adequate amount of nervous tissue. This sets in motion a complex noninvasive neurological process using the body’s own intelligence to help the treated area to be restored to its original healthy condition. In other words it facilitates the return to homeostasis.

To avoid the body getting used to repetitive stimulation, the TESLABRUSH™ modulates the electrostatic stimuli, which enhances the therapeutic effect. The stimulation also results in an increase in ATP or additional cellular energy. This is not the major cause for the effectiveness, but aids the process of recovery. With increased cellular activity local blood circulation is stimulated, which is often indicated by a light reddish glow on the treated area.

For transmitting the electrostatic stimuli to the skin, the TESLABRUSH™ uses a time varying electrical field instead of contact pads or metallic electrodes, employed by other electrical stimulators. This eliminates the need for electrically conductive lotions for overcoming the poor electrical conduction of the outer surface of the skin. The method also ensures consistent and comfortable transmission of the stimuli, which is important when considering reliability and effectiveness.

All electrical devices must be approved by the authorities for safety and EMC. The TESLABRUSH™ has gone a step further by being certified to meet stringent international requirements for medical devices.

Electrical stimulation was introduced into the medical field by Nikola Tesla in the early part of the 20th century. The devices used at the time and some of their derivatives are still used today. However, they are shrouded in all kinds of mysterious theories, which led the medical profession to classify them as quackery products. To find out more, click on the report on EARLY ELECTRO-THERAPY.

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