iStock_000016423595_ExtraSmall1-300x199[1]In spite of the effort of many researchers there is no hair loss remedy available which works the same for everybody. In the hope of getting quick and easy results many people are willing to embark on the risky and expensive journey of finding a pill or lotion that will bring the expected results. In order to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with this process, the following information can be useful.

It is not safe to trust glamorous advertisements, as most sellers want to maximize sales and care little about hair or customers. Adverts claiming quick results and high effectiveness must be treated with suspicion. The reality is that pills, lotions or shampoos only benefit a small percentage of users.

Many testimonials are fabricated. For example, changing the lighting while taking “before” and “after” pictures can create the illusion of hair growth. Many sites have “before and after” pictures copied from other sites. Some sites have genuine written testimonials but they do not disclose the high percentage of failures.

Balding often occurs at a relatively young age, partly because of modern ways of living. If food no longer provides the essential balanced nourishment, a genetically predisposed condition can lead to early hair loss. This situation can be addressed by a good multivitamin and mineral mixture. However, it does not imply that special vitamins or supplements promote hair growth because with healthy people these substances have minimal effect.

Working with chemical substances or taking certain pharmaceutical drugs can cause hair loss. A skilled health care provider can assist in clearing up the problem without any hair loss treatment.

It is important to carefully read the fine print of pharmaceutical products and get fully familiarized with all the potential side effects, some of which can be serious. Highly skilled advertisers know how to present a product in an attractive light, while subtly masking hidden dangers. Effectiveness of pharmaceutical products decreases with prolonged use. The long term side effects of many pharmaceutical products are unknown and could have adverse effects on the brain or bodily functions.

Clearance or approval by the health authorities, for example the FDA, protects the buyer from fake products. It also ensures the maintenance of good quality standards. However, the criteria for approval do not rate a product according to performance. This means that an approved product does not necessarily perform better than one which is not approved. Approval does not imply that a product has no serious side effects.