There is no treatment which can guarantee a successful outcome for male and female pattern balding. Based on extensive scientific research this site offers one of the most affordable effective ways of dealing with the problem without any negative side effects. Hair loss can be due to many causes and a diagnosis from a medical practitioner would be a sensible first step.

All current hair restoration methods require living follicles: the tiny organs responsible for growing hair. Follicles start to shrink with the onset of hair loss and remain in a kind of dormant state for many years before they die. Therefore, all present day hair loss or baldness treatments can be classified as a “follicle revitalization process”. Currently new follicles are only grown in laboratories.

Caring for the Scalp

Contrary to the biased theories favoring specific types of treatment, all effective natural hair loss treatments include the scalp. The electrostatic stimuli produced by the TESLABRUSH™ aim at restoring the scalp to its original healthy condition. This implies the growth of strong healthy hair. The light reddish glow on the skin after treatment indicates increased local blood circulation resulting from higher cellular activity.

The process begins with daily massaging the area where hair loss occurs, using the TESLABRUSH™ for about 10 minutes in small circular movements. To avoid the emerging hair from growing in straight lines, circular movements are advised. While firmly holding the handle, the glass tubes of the TESLABRUSH™ should touch the skin as much as possible. Increase the intensity until a gentle tingling is felt. More intense stimulation does not necessarily mean better or faster results. Each person responds differently. Only massage when the skin is perfectly dry and wait at least 1 hour after a hair wash. To remove excess sebum, which is released from the clogged follicles, it is suggested to wash the hair two to three times a week, using a good herbal shampoo.

After a while tiny brown spots begin to appear on the treated area close to the remaining hair. These are only visible under high magnification and indicate that the dormant follicles are unclogging themselves from excessive sebum. HD-PHOTO-7-ROTThereafter, the thickening of existing, often invisible fine hair can be expected. Young people, who just start losing hair, can respond within the first two months, while those at a more advanced age or those with a long period of baldness may have to wait for up to 6 months or more to see the first results. Usually the first sign of success is witnessed by the cessation of hair loss, which can be expected by most users.

Massaging just before bedtime relaxes the scalp and improves sleep. After a while the skin on the treated area may start to look healthier. This indicates that the TESLABRUSH™ can improve the appearance of skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Exercising the muscles holding the galea can further facilitate the TESLABRUSH™ massage. The galea is the tough layer of skin on top of the skull. It is like a cap held by a range of muscles marked 1, 2 & 3 in the adjacent picture. iStock_000016784484_ExtraSmall1-e1383427562973[1]

Tom Hagerty (see Helpful Sites Page) shows a way of training these muscles, so that the whole scalp can move backward and forward. This intensifies the blood flow through the bigger arteries to the scalp.

After reaching the desired results, the daily TESLABRUSH™ massage can be reduced to once or twice per week. Since there is no lasting cure for male or female pattern baldness, this discipline needs to be maintained.


  • Tests show that the TESLABRUSH™ stops hair loss in most cases and promotes hair growth for many.
  • The TESLABRUSH™ improves effectiveness of other hair loss treatments.

Nourishing the Follicles

iStock_000018392383_ExtraSmall1The results of the TESLABRUSH™ massage can be enhanced if the blood contains sufficient nutrients, hormones and enzymes, required for healthy hair growth. Only the incredible intelligence of a healthy physical body knows how to produce these substances in the right proportion. Health is impaired by excessive alcohol, smoking, too much body fat, lack of sleep and lots of sugar or simple carbohydrates. The increasing number of cases of early onset of balding can partly be attributed to the modern way of life. Some people effectively treat hair loss simply by means of lifestyle changes and the consumption of vitamins. Hair loss in healthy people is generally not affected by the intake of vitamins. Statin drugs can cause hair loss and it would be sensible to look for better alternatives.

A healthy body needs exercise. Spending 20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week doing the right kind of exercise is no big deal. See Al Sears P.A.C.E. program on the Helpful Helpful Sites Page.

There is a controversy generated by some interest groups, concerning the effect of lifestyle on hair loss. dreamstime_xs_11523113-300x200[1]The Mayo Clinic recommends a balanced diet as a measure of prevention. Nigel Thomas, Jonathon Phillips and others get good results with diet and lifestyle changes. See the Helpful Sites Page.

Helpful Natural Remedies

With the purchase of each TESLABRUSH™ reference is made to a list of scientifically researched natural substances which promote hair-growth. These inexpensive products can be obtained from most health food stores, if needed.

To avoid some of the major pitfalls when looking for hair loss treatments go to Other Remedies Page.

Caring for Emotional Wellness

Body chemistry is strongly influenced by emotions. Stress can affect hair loss as the continuously elevated level of cortisol disturbs the normal hormonal balance. Some useful methods of dealing with stress can be found on the Stress Page.

Final Note

Reversing male or female pattern balding can be challenging. It requires a committed personal engagement. Abdicating the process to a pill or some kind of treatment often yields disappointing results. On the other hand it is amazing what can be achieved by tapping into our unlimited potential. Your comment is welcome on the Contact Page.