It is very important to realize that no pill or treatment can provide a guaranteed solution to the problem of male or female pattern baldness. One product or method may work wonders for one person and do absolutely nothing for another. Therefore, when assessing the effectiveness of a product or method it is important to know what possible percentage of users are getting positive results and to what extent. This approach is presented in the following studies.

The first one is a report from a medical doctor who investigated the effects of electrostatic stimulation on the scalp. The experimental device used, formed the basis of the TESLABRUSH™ design, which incorporates some additional beneficial features.

The report concludes that after 300 minutes of treatment 40% of the participants showed marked hair re-growth and 60% had significant growth or reduction of hair loss while in general everybody benefited from the treatment. Such results cannot be beaten easily with the science available today especially when looking for methods without potential negative side effects.

Even though the number of people tested was relatively small, feedback received from customers indicate that the doctor’s report closely resembles real world expectations especially where hair loss is treated at an early stage. For viewing the results click STUDY.

The dermatology department of the University of British Columbia Canada made a study of the effect of administering a pulsed electrical field to the scalp in order to achieve hair re-growth. Over a period of 36 weeks it was found that 96% of the participants experienced hair re-growth or the cessation of hair loss and exhibited a 66% increase in hair count. A very impressive result indeed if it were not for the prohibitively expensive equipment, which necessitates treatment in a clinic.

The principle of operation is similar to that of the TESLABRUSH™, with the difference that the TESLABRUSH™ uses glass as a medium instead of air. It is noteworthy that the method used by the University Study transmits a much smaller amount of energy to the scalp than the TESLABRUSH™, which leads to the conclusion that for hair re-growth “less could be more”. For more information  click here.

As many factors influence male or female pattern baldness, it is wise to approach the problem from different angles simultaneously, in order to achieve optimum outcomes. Such an approach is outlined on the process page and is probably today’s most effective way of treating hair loss naturally.

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