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need to know about the latest effective hair loss product?

10747-1S-CONFORMANCE-CERTIFICATE-UL-CSAThe benefits of electrical stimulation are known for more than a hundred years. Since its first discovery, the type of stimuli used and the method of administering them have undergone a considerable evolution. With greater understanding of the human body and its neurological system, it is now possible to optimize the electrical stimuli for a particular kind of treatment. With continuous development of new materials more comfortable and effective methods of administering the stimuli are emerging.

One outcome of these technological advances is the TESLABRUSH™. It generates tiny electrical fields on the surface of the skin, known to be effective for cosmetic purposes, including the promotion of hair growth. In effect the TESLABRUSH™ is an electrostatic device with no electrical contact to the skin. This is particularly useful for skin and hair treatment because no special lotions are required, while the device can be moved freely over the affected area.

The innovative aspect of the device is due to its unique construction and the ability to generate the electrical fields with the aid of ordinary type AA flashlight batteries. This makes the TESLABRUSH™ small enough to be carried in a handbag which implies that it can be used anywhere.

With the rapid development of new electronic components it is now possible to design a battery powered software controlled device, which meets the highest standards of safety and reliability. The TESLABRUSH™ is very robust and can be treated like a normal hair brush. Its seven glass tubes can easily be moved over the affected  skin or the scalp even in the presence of existing hair. In contrast to LED or photon treatment the process is not adversely affected by skin pigmentation.