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How effective is the TESLABRUSH™ massage? The condition of hair loss is very complex and aggravated by human diversity. Therefore it is practically impossible to create a universally effective hair loss remedy with the scientific knowledge available to date. Because a friend got some hair back from a certain pill or treatment does not mean that you will get the same results. This statement is conveniently overlooked by most advertisers. To make a meaningful comparison with other products would be prohibitively expensive and therefore such a study does not exist. From results seen to date, the proposed massage generally promises better outcome than other natural topical or oral hair loss treatments. The objective information on the Results Page certainly looks impressive. However, there is an additional aspect that sets the TESLABRUSH™ massage apart from all other methods in that it enhances other treatments and therefore everybody suffering from hair loss will benefit from it!

Is there any benefit of having clearance by the health authorities for example the FDA? From the performance point of view there is absolutely no benefit to the user provided the product meets mandatory safety standards. With the regulations as they stand it is possible to have an uncleared product performing better than a cleared product. Clearance means that claims made by the seller have some validity but it does not necessarily say what percentage of people benefit from those claims. It can also be a smoke screen against certain deficiencies of a product with negative side effects. However, there is one benefit derived from clearance in that it eliminates the possibility of a total scam which is not an infrequent occurrence with hair loss products. It must also be remembered that without the approval of the health authorities therapeutic claims can generally not be made and in some countries clearance is required before a product can be sold.

How safe is the TESLABRUSH™ massage? It is very safe since it puts out a very tiny fraction of the energy generally administered by TENS devices which are popular for pain management and muscle stimulation.

Can the TESLABRUSH™ be used during pregnancy? A health care provider should be consulted.

Can the TESLABRUSH™ be used while carrying any life supporting device for example a heart pace maker? Certainly not unless supervised by a health care provider. Electronic life supporting devices are extremely sensitive and could be affected by the small electrictostatic impulses of the TESLABRUSH™.

What is the life expectancy of the TESLABRUSH™? It is a very robust design intended to operate trouble free for many years depending how well it is looked after.

Does the TESLABRUSH™ require any special maintenance? It is a maintenance free device. However, it would be sensible to clean the glass electrodes regularly with a soft cloth moistened with water or a mild detergent.

How does the TESLABRUSH™ compare with other electrical stimulating devices? 

  • It does not use electrically conducting electrodes but uses an electrical field.
  • It uses pulse modulation for enhanced stimulation.
  • It has the output power adjusted for maximum results.
  • It is battery operated and can be used anywhere.
  • It has a life expectancy of many years.
  • It is approved by the regulatory authorities to medical standards – see Specification Page.

How does the TESLABRUSH™ compare with laser devices? The TESLABRUSH™ stimulates the skin and the follicles by means of a very gentle pulsed electric field. Laser equipment on the other hand works with highly focused light beams in the dark red to infrared range. The light intensity must be strong enough to penetrate deep into the skin in order to achieve the desired photo-stimulation. The light output of hand held devices is much less than those of hoods used in clinics or laser caps and can be expected to be less effective. Looking directly into the light beams is not advisable.

How does the TESLABRUSH™ compare with Micro-Current Devices? There is a similarity between the two systems as both administer short repetitive stimuli to the skin. The delivery method of the TESLABRUSH™ is far more effective than that achievable by the movable electrodes used with micro-current equipment, which means that the TESLABRUSH™  massage shows better results.

Can other products be used in combination with the TESLABRUSH™ massage? There should be no problem. However, it would be sensible to use the TESLABRUSH™ massage together with the scalp exercises for at least 6 months before even thinking of adding other products to the regimen because it is very likely that nothing else needs to be done to get the desired results.

Are there other hand held electrical stimulators that meet medical rated regulatory requirements such as UL or CE which can be used to promote hair growth? The TESLABRUSH™ is the only one. It is mandatory for approved products to have a label stating the name of the supplier, the model number together with the relevant compliance symbols such as UL, CE, FCC and others backed by valid certificates. The writing must be indelible and a permanent fixture of the device.

What about testimonials? In the domain of hair loss treatments testimonials on the Web can be such a farce, not only because they can be made up so easily, but even if they are genuine they give absolutely no indication of the effectiveness of a product. There can be 100 wonderful testimonials on a site while tens of thousands of products are being sold without any results. There are many “before and after” pictures which are copied from other sites and pictures where the lighting effect shows apparent hair growth. It is important that visitors to a site sense integrity and caring while being informed as objectively as possible. Your comment would be very welcome on the Contact Page.

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